Tiny Den : About Us

About Us

A few words about us

Tinyden is dedicated to providing a wide variety of childcare services to parents and their children. We are also increasing the skills and basic knowledge of your children as well as preparing them for further education at school. With our childcare services, you can be sure your child will not be bored but will have a great interest in the surrounding world.


Healthy Meals

We cooperate with leading suppliers of kids’ food and that’s why you can be sure of its superior quality and variety.

Learning & Fun

Our programs comprise learning with elements of entertainment, making it easier for your child to learn and master the new material.

Child Safety

We pay a lot of attention to the safety of your children - from the first to the last lesson as well as entertainment activities.

Have a question?

If you would like to discuss details of a certain plan or program, email us and we will gladly answer all your questions.

  • 9870 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, DC 45 Fr 45