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5 Herbs That Are Easy Enough For Kids To Grow

Getting Children Involved In Gardening Can Be A Wonderful Learning Experience For Them. Growing Herbs Is A Great Way To Get Children Started In Gardening, As Herbs Are Typically Easy To Grow And Can Give Them Quick Results. If You Are Interested In Growing Herbs With Your Child This Growing Season, Take A Look Below At 5 Herbs Kids Can Grow Easily And Effectively.

1. Mint – Mint Is Perfect For Children To Grow Because It Grows Fast And Is Virtually Indestructible. Plant Mint In Containers Because Otherwise It Will Spread Quickly And Take Over. Children Will Enjoy Picking Mint Leaves And Eating Them Directly From The Garden, Or They Can Add Leaves To Their Lemonade Or Chocolate Pudding If They Wish For A Pop Of Minty Flavor.

2. Basil – Basil Comes In Many Varieties And Has A Nice Mild Flavor. Kids Will Enjoy Picking The Basil Leaves And Using Them
In Salads Or Sprinkled On Their Pasta. Just Rinse, Rip, And Toss Into Your Pasta Dishes For Some Authentic Flavor.

3. Dill – Dill Is A Fun Plant To Grow As It Appears Almost Furry And Fuzzy Once It Reaches Maturity. Kids Will Enjoy Picking Dill And Using It In Vegetable Dips. They Can Also Add It To Their Ranch Dressing For Extra Flavor. If You Are Really Inspired, Use Your Dill To Pickle Some Cucumbers.

4. Rosemary – Rosemary Tastes Great When Used On Chicken Or Pork Chops, So Try Growing Some With Your Child. Before Grilling Chicken Or Pork Allow Them To Sprinkle Some Rosemary On. You Can Even Sprinkle Rosemary On Potatoes Before Baking Them.

5. Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm Smells Great, And Can Actually Help Repel Mosquitoes. Allow Children To Grow This Herb And Watch How It Keeps Bugs At Bay. They Can Even Rub The Leaves On Their Clothing To Keep Bites Away.

Herbs Are Easy And Inexpensive To Grow, And As You Can See, Children Can Put Them To Good Use! You Can Grow Herbs Such As The Ones Named Above For All Of Your Cooking And Pest Repelling Needs, Or You Can Grow Something As Simple As Lavender For The Aromatic And Visual Effect. Either Way, It Is Sure To Be An Experience You Can All Enjoy Together As A Family.

So Get Growing & Give These Herbs A Try With Your Kids!

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